Check out the Newly developed Cond0m Pant


A ‘scrotal Cond0m’ has been developed to cover the entire crotch area during $ex, to lower the risk of catching $exually transmitted infections (STIs). Scroguard is worn with a Cond0m and reduces skin on skin contact, lowering the risk of catching infections like herpes or genital warts which are transmitted through contact with skin.

It has been designed people who want extra ‘peace of mind’, men with a high $ex drive who enjoy $exual variety and couples and individuals who ‘love to swing’, developers said.

STI’s are transmitted through unprotected $ex, genital secretions, skin-on-skin contact or contact with open sores. Normal male Cond0ms are designed to stop a man’s semen from coming into contact with his partner, and can protect against STIs when worn properly.

They protect the skin around the penis, but leave the scrotum and pubic region uncovered. Made from rubber latex – the same material as normal Cond0ms – Scroguard covers the whole area, shielding the skin and blocking genital secretions.

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