7 requirements for a pram/stroller


These items are quite costly, especially compared to sleepers that your kids will grow out from instantly. These are the items that you'll use every day for quite a while. Therefore, you should approach the choice of transportation means for your baby rather seriously.

It is important to determine what the special requirements for this kind of kids’ transportation are.

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Carefully inspect all the parts and fixtures, ask about the warranty. The most likely places of breakage are straps, springs, wheel axle and the handle.


The stroller must be able to overcome any obstacles: climb up any curbs and manholes. The wheels are mainly responsible for the passability: they can be either inflatable (made of molded rubber) or plastic; double or single, feature metal or plastic spokes.

They also differ in diameter. Large wheels with massive tread are better suited for off-road use. Plastic double wheels will not be able to maneuver on most normal ramps at junctions, at entrances and shops. Do not forget to check whether the stroller is able to go straight!

The weight

You will sometimes have to raise your stroller with your own hands, so its weight should be minimal. While choosing a pram or a stroller, try to lift it up, mentally adding another 7-9 kg. Therefore, choose a stroller/pram made of light metal alloys.

Compact size

Prams and strollers must fit in the elevator, hallway or corridor, as well as in the car. It is best if it is easy to fold. Many strollers feature the ability to regulate the height of the handle.


The type of wheel fastening plays an important role in the amortization:

● · Leather straps. Pros: they allow lulling your baby to sleep easily as well as overcoming obstacles without shaking. Cons: rather unreliable.

● · Metal shock absorbers are externally similar to straps and this is the most common variant of the springs. Advantages: provide good moving, reliable;

● · Snap fastening, covered with a plastic base. Pros: can be placed both on one and the two pairs of wheels. Cons: lulling a baby to sleep in such a stroller is quite hard;

● · A pram without springs with a rigid frame fixed to the wheelbase.


There are two common models:

● Brakes pedal is pressed against the wheels and with a little more effort allows the wheels to move on.

● Brakes come into a special groove and completely block the wheels. This option is more reliable.

Additional functions

Someone needs a big basket for products, while others need reversible handle and an adjustable backrest level in the cradle. The choice on market today is able to satisfy every whim.

A portable cot will make it possible to carry a sleeping child out of the room, into the room and visit your friends without disturbing your baby. On the other hand, these functions can be performed by a car seat. It’s more convenient when most parts can be removed and washed.

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